Storm In A Teacup: Guide A Little Chap Through A Wonderfully Imaginary...

Storm In A Teacup: Guide A Little Chap Through A Wonderfully Imaginary Landscape


I may not like tea, but I just knew from the moment I saw this game that I was going to fall in love with it. Flying around in a teacup, collecting sugar cubes and avoiding angry clouds…who could resist?

Storm In A teacup revolves around a little guy called Storm (Who I have renamed Beth Gibbons as I believe he shares a striking resemblance to the Portishead front woman). Storm a.k.a. Beth is sent into a dreamy imaginary world that has been created by his brother Cloud, all he seems to have upon his person is a magical, flying teacup big enough for him to sit in which comes in very handy when trying to dodge giant boxing gloves, avoid spikes and collect sugar cubes.

The replay value is excellent, with the ability to get perfect scores on each level by collecting all sugar cubes, stickers and completing the level without dying. You can unlock customisations for your character and teacup by collecting the hidden sticker on each level. There are also bonus, survival and challenge modes to unlock.

Pros: Engrossing graphics and just the right balance between platform, physics and puzzle.

Cons: I find the directional arrows slightly too close together, on occasion you may find yourself unintentionally whizzing off in the wrong direction.

With excellent physics combined with wonderfully dreamy graphics and music; Storm In A Teacup makes for an easy recommendation for anyone who enjoys unique physics and platform games.


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