Samurai Poodle: Slice It Style Phone Game!

Samurai Poodle: Slice It Style Phone Game!


Samurai Poodle iPhone App Review
Do you fancy yourself as a martial artist? Well if so, then perhaps you should take a closer look at Samurai Poodle.

I had no idea what to expect with such a bizarre title. With the intro animation displaying a geeky looking poodle getting set upon by a gang of street cats, I was wondering if it may be a platform game which would see a pretty amusing looking dog in a traditional garb, but alas no. Instead you’re greeted with a monkey telling you that you have brought shame to your breed and must train in the way of the Samurai to restore your dignity.

To train like a Samurai, you must apparently learn to slice up rather blocky targets that roughly resemble animals through using quick responses, accurate strikes and logic to overcome your foes. In story mode you are presented with multiple tasks of varying difficulty where you must slice the blocks in set ways until nothing is left. You have three lives so should you make a mistake the only impact will be on your score, but being lax is not the way of a true Samurai!

Ultimately you’ve got to work out the correct sequence and work out where to cut to clear the level without making a mistake and doing it within the quickest time. If you like games like Slice It! then you will probably find this pretty entertaining and possibly even prefer it. Defeating the cat ‘bosses’ is definitely the most challenging aspect of the game but I found myself rapidly scything through the levels and fear that more advanced gamers would do the same.


  • Lots of levels and puzzles to slice through
  • End of level bosses are pretty tough
  • Works your brain more than some apps on the market


  • Very repetitive
  • Pretty easy
  • No way to increase the difficulty setting



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