Touch Mouse: Turn Your iPhone Into a Mouse!

Touch Mouse: Turn Your iPhone Into a Mouse!


Touch Mouse iPhone App Review

Right, this one really is cool, despite its geeky premise. Touch Mouse transforms your iPhone into a wireless trackpad, (or mouse for the cool cats out there), and keyboard that is compatible with your computer. Simply connect your computer to your TV so that your screen is displayed across it then set up Touch Mouse to be configured on either your Mac or your PC and control everything from the comfort of your couch. The text will be shown on your iPhone’s screen as well as your TV so you avoid Repetitive Strain Injury by constantly looking up and down so anything that you type will also be emblazoned across your TV screen! You can write emails, stream videos, browse the internet, play Solitaire, (for all you PC owners!), order pizzas and have them delivered to your front door, (or your neighbours’, so that you don’t have to move, a la that Friends episode); all that you really need to leave the couch for is to go to the toilet! Now, if only there was an app for that…


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