Sheep Launcher: Hilarious and Utterly Pointless iPhone Game

Sheep Launcher: Hilarious and Utterly Pointless iPhone Game


Sheep Launcher iPhone App Review

Say what you like about animal rights, there is nothing cooler than launching a sheep into outer space. I mean, the first living creature in space was a dog and he has his own statue in Moscow, the ‘Laika’ statue which, somewhat inconsiderately in my opinion, features a dog on top of a model of the rocket that was Laika’s coffin. Anyway, back to sheep launching. Sheep Launcher fulfils every boy’s teenage fantasy, (no, no that one, weirdo), and allows you to launch a bleating sheep, pig or frog into the atmosphere, sending them higher and higher the more you tap your screen. On their voyage you can navigate the stratosphere to collect handy items such as helium tanks, rocket packs and flying saucers; if you manage to grab a few stars on the way, then your score will increase. Players all around the world log onto the Top 50 Players spot to exchange scores, so the next time you send a sheep traversing the skies, think of that top spot and the cool accolades it will bring.



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