5 Best iPhone Apps For Wasting Your Time

5 Best iPhone Apps For Wasting Your Time


iPhone’s are an invaluable tool in today’s world of instant access media, social networking and 24/7 globally available world news.  They are also an incredibly efficient time wasting device; whether you are waiting for a bus, trapped in an elevator or just sat in your room, there are many hours that can be wasted tapping away at it’s little screen.  So, we decided to compile a list of the 5 essential iPhone apps for wasting your time.

1.Facebook – The Ultimate Social Networking App

Free, Updated: Dec 19 2010, Seller: Facebook, 5/5

Take some time to catch up with your friends...

It only needs one word to describe it.  Official.  this is the official Facebook app for the iPhone and there is officially no better way to waste your time than checking out your friends’ photos from the last night out that you had with them!  This app is essentially the mini version of what you would get if you were on the computer; you can post your status, look up phone numbers, send messages, comment and ‘like’.  The only thing that you can’t do is play Facebook games; probably a good thing, otherwise you’d never return to reality!

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2. Paper Toss – Time Wasters Of The World, Unite!

Free, Updated: Feb 11, 2011, Current Version: 1.81, Seller: Backflip Studios, 5/5

Ready, steady, flick!

Some people may think of Paper Toss as a bit ’2008′ but the fact that the developers are still releasing new levels for it now in 2010 is a testament to its appeal. The premise is that you throw waste paper into a bin, with a randomly-powered fan affecting its trajectory. Paper Toss includes several levels and Global Scoreboards, but it’s the simple, finger-swiping gameplay that makes this an all-time free classic.

3. TonePad – Create Unique Music Ringtones For Your iPhone in Seconds

Free, Updated: Jan 07, 2010, Current Version: 1.21, Seller: LoftLab, 4/5

Create your own tunes.

Creating music is hard. First, you have to buy an instrument, then you have to learn it. With TonePad, the app is free – and learning is as simple as touching the screen. It allows even the most musically defunct create unique music – and ringtones – for the iPhone in seconds. Make a great tune and you can save it to load later, or upload it to the web for other people to download later. If you like, you can randomly download someone else’s web-saved tone.  In the Pro version (£0.59) you can even set your creations as ringtones. Don’t be worried about buying it first, though – anything you create in the free version can be ported over.

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4. TVUPlayer – Watch TV On Your iPhone!

$4.99, Updated: Oct 20, 2009, Current Version: 1.2, Seller: Jay Shen, 4/5

What's on the box?!

There’s nothing quite like wasting time watching the box; well now you can do that wherever you are!  TVU Networks streams 1000 channels from around the world directly to your iPhone, whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or 3G.  Available in several different languages, TVUPlayer ensures that you’ll never miss another show again; if you are a telly addict, this app is a necessity.

5. PopSugar Celebrity Faceoff – Who’s More Famous?!

$0.99, Updated: Dec 14, 2009, Current Version: 1.2, Seller: Sugar Inc.

If you care, they've already won.

One of the more lowbrow time wasting apps, although just as appealing in a way, PopSugar Celebrity Faceoff aims to answer that age old question that has been troubling mankind for years: just who is more famous, Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox?  An offshoot of the celebrity news website PopSugar, the Celebrity Faceoff tests your celebrity smarts to see which stars are currently basking in the limelight and who is beginning to fade away.  You can also judge ‘Who’s More Fab?’ by pitting celebrities’ dress senses against each other.  There will never be another more pointless and addictive time wasting app.

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