Top 5 Education Tech Tools and Apps for Distance Learning

Top 5 Education Tech Tools and Apps for Distance Learning


With over a million kids all over the world being out of school, COVID- 19 quarantine is putting online learning to the test. Apart from businesses, education has become one of the most affected sectors. However, to make lemonade out of lemons, most institutions are turning to online learning.

It’s not just students who are finding ways to stay on top of the curriculum and update both their skills and knowledge, individuals working in different sectors are making use of the lockdown to acquire the skills needed to boost their employment outcomes

However, with diversity comes the challenge of selecting apps, websites, and other educational tools that provide a quality world-class education at the comfort of your home. Luckily, we have gathered effective tech tools suitable for online learners who want to stay educated.

Harvard Free Online Courses

Harvard University is offering free over 60 online courses to help students from across the globe during the quarantine lockdown. That means people of all ages who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge as well as take a particular course are not limited by geography or the high grades needed to enroll in such prestigious universities. 

The great part about the free programs offered by Harvard is that after completing a specific course, you can pay a small amount to get a certificate. This not only adds credibility but also works to make your resume more impressive. 


Although Trello has been a popular app for remote workers, following school closures, it has become a central platform where students attach proof of an assignment, ask questions directly to a teacher who then replies via private chat or the comment section. Trello offers personalized learning where a learner can request for excel homework help and communicate back and forth with the tutor in real-time and from anywhere. 

Trello can also be organized into cards. For example, work to be done is listed under the to-do list, assigned projects will be under the writing progress section, and when the student completes the assignment, they move it to the assessment part. Teachers can also include a revision card where students access the tasks that they need to redo or make amendments.


Following school closures, School16 started offering remote classes where anyone can learn directly from industry experts. Every live session is designed to impart crucial skills needed in the job market. Most of the practical skills taught will undoubtedly come in handy for job seekers who want to boost their chances of finding employment once the coronavirus pandemic is over, and businesses start hiring again.

Clicker Docs

Following the coronavirus pandemic and schools closing, the one main problem that most institutions are facing is education equity related to students with special needs. Such students require an online education platform and apps that are designed specifically for them and those who give individual attention without being lost in the system. And Clicker Docs is a good example of that.

The app aids in removing writing block commonly experienced by learners with disabilities by providing sounds to relevant words and phrases. While it has numerous free resources, speech feedback is another great feature that gives realistic sounds that come in handy for students with low vision, language impairments, or learning difficulties.

There can’t be a single technological solution that suits the education requirements of learners with special needs because there are numerous types of disabilities. However, using an app or platform that provides a custom made solution for a specific group of learners with special needs is often a good start.


It is another education platform that delivers courses to students. The Edtech platform has numerous free courses with a large number of enrollment, which means they attract a large number of learners. Most of the highly rated courses are offered by accredited schools like the University of Michigan, Yale, Stanford, John Hopkins University, and the University of Toronto. 

With this platform, any learner with the internet has access to a world-class education. High school students can enroll for any online open courses in their free time and use the experience to determine whether a particular career path is right for them. Through Coursera, students learn at their own schedule and make an informed career decision before making a considerable investment in college.

The use of education technology at home has become necessary ever since US schools shut down in March. These websites and apps support remote learning, enhance digital literacy, and combat the challenges of gaining an education during school closures.


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