Top 5 Best Magazines for Smart Phones

Top 5 Best Magazines for Smart Phones


Other Edition Newsstand for iPhone
There was a time when we used to buy magazines from a bookshop or a newsstand on a bus stop. The best way to get magazines was to subscribe to monthly or weekly delivery but now everything has changed. With the advance technology and innovations all of these magazines are now available on electronic gadgets whether it’s a tablet Pc or a smart phone. We can now download and read our favorite magazines whenever, wherever and anywhere we want. Technology has made things so easy for us that we can now get a bunch of magazines by swiping our fingers to and fro a few times on the sensitive touch screens of our smart phones. Isn’t it amazing? People love this technology.

Publishers: Today there are hundreds of publishers who are providing digital magazines for numerous electronic devices with the best UI possible. Other edition is also one of the publishers and developers of digital and iPad magazines app which brings to you some of most downloaded and popular magazines online together. They are providing their services in more than 20 countries and they are working with more than 55 magazines including

  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Culture & Art
  • Design & Photography
  • Architecture and
  • Music magazines.

The App: During the initial stage the app was released only for Digital devices (laptop, PC, MAC) and iPad but later after achieving success on both digital and tablet newsstand they expanded their platform for smart phones as well. Initially the smart phone app was for iPhone but now it’s been available for Android smart phones as well. Currently there are 5 magazines available on smart phones newsstand.

1. V Magazine
2. V Spain
3. Interview
4. VMan
5. Wound

Compatibility: The smart phone app is compatible with iPhone as well as iPod touch running iOS 4.2 or higher and for android devices it supports Android 2.2 or higher. You can also subscribe and get free issues available. You can subscribe to all the magazines available or if you just need your favorite magazine you can buy a single issue as well.

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