Space is Key: Free-running cube action

Space is Key: Free-running cube action


Space is Key iPad App Review
If you are interested in the sensation of free running but aren’t looking to put yourself in hospital then you may just enjoy this reaction testing game Space is Key.

You are challenged with tapping the screen at the right moment to avoid crashing into obstacles and jumping through and over blocks whilst also successfully picking up pixels and other objects along the way.

If you enjoy retro gaming then you’ll be feeling right at home with the graphics and dated music which reminds me of the classic BBC micro computers of the 80s.

It seems pretty ironic that here we are with really powerful modern systems and processors and we end up making them run games which are taking a leaf out of the original classic titles.

Even if you’re not a fan of the retro style games, you will still be enticed and equally addicted by the amount of entertainment that this game has to offer. With the levels getting more and more difficult with every stage, you will no doubt find yourself glued to the screen in an effort to clear every stage without any damage. You would also prove to have reactions of a cat with superpowers should you manage to get through every level without a single crash.

Overall, you’ll probably find yourself fall in love with this game even if some of the colour sequences are a bit dubious and hard to view at times. It’s quirky, well planned and executed classic gaming at some of its best.


  • Lots of levels to master
  • The speed and tricky levels prove quite something to conquer
  • Simple to play


  • Infuriating at some stages
  • A tad repetitive in nature
  • Some power-ups would spice it up a bit more


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