Play2Win: If You like Winning Stuff and Playing Games then This is...

Play2Win: If You like Winning Stuff and Playing Games then This is Right for You!


Play2Win iPhone App Review
If you enjoy winning and playing games then you should probably get round to having a closer look at this app.

I’ve been wondering for a while when someone would come up with a game which would allow you to actually win something as a reward for playing a game in the comfort of your own home. There’s been plenty of times when I’ve yelled at the television the correct answer and wished I was the one in the hot seat. Well although there’s no spotlight on you, and in truth these games aren’t quite as mentally challenging as some of the more popular game-shows on the TV, but it still does offer quite a bit of a challenge and gives you prizes for your efforts.

Although in fairness, the rewards are a little limited as the majority of games can only give you prizes to shops in the US but there’s possibly the odd prize which is able to be used anywhere in the world – but so far it’s a little restricted.
It’s still early days, but for gamblers who don’t want to risk anything and have their efforts repaid then hopefully this will provide you with some entertainment or at least mild distraction. I am a little weary of enticing folk to get hooked on games that reward you as it could lead to more gaming addictions than others.

Ultimately the games are pretty basic and are based largely on pot luck rather than any real skill. If you’re waiting to make millions, I’d suggest buying a lottery ticket!


  • Quite a few prizes up for grabs
  • A few games to master
  • Simple and easy to use


  • All the prizes seem to be limited to the US – specifically California!
  • Not tricky or a measure of skill
  • Could lead you down a slippery gambling path


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