Revision 3: Perfect App If You’re Looking For Great Original Content

Revision 3: Perfect App If You’re Looking For Great Original Content


Revision 3 iPhone App Review

When it comes to streaming video on your iPhone you have a huge number of options for everything from old movies and TV with Netflix to new TV with Hulu Plus. If ever you find yourself bored and looking for something new or if you just don’t want to pay a monthly fee for streaming video content then you may want to try Revision 3’s official app. Revision 3 is one of the most successful Internet television channels there is with a huge amount of varied content sure to be relevant to pretty much anyone. There are shows on modding like the Ben Heck show, general Internet culture like Diggnation and even a few original web sitcoms like Web Zeroes.

About the App and How It Works

The app is free and really easy to use. Just install and open the app and you’ll be given a directory of various different programs. Choose the one you want, then the episode you’d like to watch and finally the stream quality. The app offers both a high quality stream and a low quality for slower connections. It’s good to be able to choose manually since most apps choose automatically and that lack of control can be troublesome if you know you’d bus will drive through some dead zones for example. The most impressive thing about the app is that it allows access to the entire back library of content and that’s no small number of streams.

Pros, Cons and Final Thoughts

Pros: The app is free, features thousands of hours of top quality original web content and lets you choose the stream quality manually.

Cons: The app is streaming only and it would be nice to be able to download an episode of something for later

Final Thoughts: This is one of the most valuable free apps on the app store. Download it.

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