Thorpe Park: What’s Wrong with a Map?

Thorpe Park: What’s Wrong with a Map?


Thorpe Park iPhone App Review

I never would have thought to download an app before visiting a theme park but nevertheless I gave it a go because I wanted to know if it would help me in and around the park. The result it seems is a resounding no.

The problem is that there’s very little it can do to essentially ‘aid’ you whilst you visit the park. Granted there are sections of the app that are helpful, such as the ability to view queuing times, but the problem is that they’re rarely accurate and you’ll still end up queuing anyway. So what’s the point exactly?

The only real positives to come out of the app are the pictures and videos of the rides, which was great for deciding what to go on whilst driving to the theme park initially.

Overall, the main function of the app is to have a handy map to hand in your pocket, but surely the paper maps distributed at the theme park do that already? It’s not a total waste of space, but it’s very difficult to find a genuine use for it, especially when a paper map doesn’t waste your battery either.


  1. Agreed. The idea is nice, but I don’t see any advantage whatsoever over sticking with the ol’ paper map!


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