Pulse News: The Best Virtual Reader out There

Pulse News: The Best Virtual Reader out There

Pulse News iPad App Review
up with your favorite tech blogs has never been more comfortable

If you’re one of those geeks that likes to keep up to date with quality (or otherwise) blogs on the Internet, then Pulse News is the perfect app for you. I for one like to keep up with posts from sites such as Engadget, Gizmodo, Kotaku and a bunch of other gaming sites. Pulse News for the iPad makes this so much easier and such a more satisfying experience.

The UI is actually very beautiful, intuitive and extremely user friendly. Opening it for the first time gives you the homescreen shadowed over by a short tutorial image of where things are. There are several pages that you can access – HOME, PAGE2, PAGE3 and so on. With up to five pages, and 12 sites for each page, that’s a lot of sites (or sources) you can add to Pulse.

Once you had a source, it’ll show up in its respective page in thumbnails of headlines that you can scroll left and right. Once a headline is clicked on, it opens up the page and if the orientation is vertical, then that source moves down to the bottom of the screen, and you can move about as you please by either pressing on other thumbnails or just swiping left and right on the newly opened content. A horizontal orientation is mostly similar except instead of just that source, all the sources are still visible with two headlines.

All posts are sharable on Facebook or Twitter, mailable and you can favorite ones you really like for later reading. Pulse News is sleek, easy to use, smooth in performance and really sleek looking. By far one of the best apps out there, it’s a must have for any iPad user remotely interesting in reading. I’ve been using it for a week now and I’ve never been so up to date with my websites.



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