Chuck’s Challenge: Work Your Way Through Inter-Galactic Brainteasers

Chuck’s Challenge: Work Your Way Through Inter-Galactic Brainteasers


Chucks Challenge iPad App Review

Isn’t is annoying when you get abducted by a strange purple alien who teases you about your appearance, calls you Monkey Boy and forces you to create puzzle games to keep him amused? Well, according to Chuck’s Challenge that is likely to happen if you’re a middle aged, balding games developer.

Rather than being annoying by the whole scenario it turns out to be quite fun and Chuck seems to be having a ball creating various puzzle maps for Woop (the purple kidnapper). You take on the role of Woop for the main game play section and it is your job to solve the puzzles. But don’t worry budding game developers; there is also an option for you to take on the role of Chuck and create your own puzzles. There’s also a handy ‘share’ option for you to post your own creation to other players.

Within the main game you control Woop around levels filled with buttons, fire, water, keys and aliens. Sometimes you’ll be moving rocks about trying to get to the exit and other times you’ll be running away from strange creatures; there really is a lot of variety within each set of levels.

Pros: Lots of content and a wide variety of puzzle types within the main game.
Cons: Directional pad need a bit of work and I find the graphics a bit dull.

Being a leftie I found the directional pad and joystick (which are both situated on the bottom right of the screen) awkward to use as my hand is covering the bottom of the screen. There is also an option to swipe but all 3 movement options feel a little un-smooth and I hope they are improved in future updates.

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