The ‘Supernanny’ app for stressed out parents

The ‘Supernanny’ app for stressed out parents

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The advice section shows text based ‘Supernanny’ techniques with video clips from the show, so you can perfect your very own ‘Supernanny’ methods!

Kids, hey, who’d have them?! Well, like it or not, one day the majority of us will
walk that plank into a sea of sleepless nights, an ocean of noisy arguments, adrift
amongst a tsunami of terrible tantrums. Whether it is your first foray into the joys
of raising children, or you are such a seasoned child bearer that you are running out
of original names for your latest offspring, anything that can ease the considerable
burden of being a mother or father should be grabbed with both hands.

So, that’s where etv Online’s ‘Supernanny’ App comes in! Designed to help lift some
of the pressures of parenthood, the App works in partnership with the phenomenally
successful TV programme of the same name and aims at creating a stronger bond
with your children through tried and tested interaction methods. Fans of the show
will enjoy the ‘Naughty Step Timer’, which shows you how long a disobedient child
should spend in isolation, dependant on the their date of birth.

What really makes this App a fantastic form of support for any struggling parent is
the ‘Reward Charts’. In the style of the ‘Supernanny’ program and its accompanying
website, each time your child displays good behaviour, they can place a star on their
chart, which you can personalise by choosing from four individual themes. When the
chart is complete, a visual reward is shown, with options to email or text friends and
relatives to inform them of your child’s achievements!

So, next time that you are struggling between feeding one child and disciplining
another, don’t despair, just reach for the ‘Supernanny’ App who will guide you
through the trials, tribulations and occasional treats of parenthood!

Relase Date: 10 Nov 2010, Price £2.99, App Developer: etv Online
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