ZEN BOUND – Simple, different, addictive and most of all… free

ZEN BOUND – Simple, different, addictive and most of all… free


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So I’m late for work, leaving in a hurry with toast in hand, running for the bus and on top of this, I need to battle green pigs for those dam Angry Birds! Enter a more therapeutic gaming experience in the form of Zen Bound; a puzzle game designed to challenge and focus the mind with the soothing soundtrack supplied by musician Ghost Monkey.

The puzzle is easy; wrap a 3D wooden sculpture with rope by spinning or rotating the object, but with no focus on score or timing. Instead the mind begins to focus on the task at hand, and as you manipulate the statue in stunning 3D anti-gravity you can slip into a more relaxed state. The animation on this app is really something else, with a natural, tactile feeling to the movement and it floats under your fingers and game play that becomes almost meditative.

Unique and addictive, and easily one of the most visually attractive apps around

Stating as it opens, “Designed for headphones” the unique soundtrack is designed to play a big part in creating the feeling of relaxation and Zen, creating soundscapes to bring peace and tranquility. The simplistic nature of the game, complemented by the fluid, beauty of the animation makes Zen Bound easily one of the most visually stunning apps available.

Zen Bound is one of those apps that you explain to someone, and they look at you funnily because you’ve just described a ‘game’ that wraps rope around wooden blocks… However I promise within seconds of getting this app you’ll see the attraction. It’s hard to explain but the game has something very different to offer, a puzzle which makes you think in a different way and definitely points to an interesting and unique way of utilizing the iPhones technology.

App posted 5th November 2010, Produced Secret Exit Ltd. Free!

Zen Bound® - Secret Exit Ltd.

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