10 Sexiest Gadget Magazine Covers!

10 Sexiest Gadget Magazine Covers!


10 Sexiest Gadget Magazine Covers!

Gadget magazines can easily exploit our weaknesses and those weaknesses are, quite clearly, gadgets and women! Put the two together and it will definitely increase the possibility of any gadget-loving guy parting with their hard earned cash in order to get their hands on a magazine with attractive looking, gadget-loving women on their glossy cover. If only this theory worked in real life too!

So we looked long and hard at many gadget magazines and can’t deny the fact that Stuff and T3 have the most stunning models, which is why they pretty much dominate our list. (Heads up competitors!)

Sources:  Stuff Homepage and T3 – Technology News and Gadgets News

1. Stuff September 2010

stuff september 2010

The September edition of Stuff decided to go for a Claudia Schiffer look alike. Simple but SEXY. If the gun was meant to frighten us away, it didn’t work!

2. T3 March 2010

t3 march 2010
I think T3 did a good job combining their 50 hottest Gadgets headline issue with possibly one of the hottest girls of 2010! I think the Google phone text is too large and covering far too much. Apart from that, elegant and sleek, just like a Google phone? (NOT!)

3. T3 Jan 2011

t3 january2011
Starting the year with a bang! T3 is predicting the year 2011 to be the best ever for some reason. I guess I’ll have to get past the front cover to find out why. But for now let’s take a look at the girl…a little on the skinny side, but the other AppCafe contributors insisted, so, in the interests of fairness, she gets in.

4. T3 July 2003

t3 july
Absolutely stunning. Classy and racy, particularly the leather gloves are a personal favourite.

5. Stuff Nov 2010

Stuff Nov 2010
Ice cool. But she should hold an iPhone not an Android! Android cool? I don’t think so!

6. T3 Christmas 2010

christmas 2010
All the team agrees this is the best of all. Warm, friendly, comforting, elegant, and super sexy! Very suitable for unwrapping at Christmas.

7. Gadgets Magazine July 2009

july 2009
The music issue of Gadgets Magazine shows a gorgeous model showing off her new headphones, which are almost as sleek and attractive as her!

8. T3 May 2008

T3 may 2008
Looking hot in a one-piece bikini, T3’s cover girl is holding a Motorola ROKR E8, and every reader just wishes that she was dialling their number…

9. T3 September 2007

t3 september 2007

An absolute stunner graced the cover of T3’s 2007 September issue, holding a Wi-Fi iPod that was at the forefront of technology four years ago…times may have changed, but that girl remains immortalised as one of the most attractive cover girls I’ve ever seen!

10. Stuff December 2009

dec 2009
A sultry brunette beauty stares out from the front page of Stuff’s December 2009 issue, in which the gadget awards were handed out!



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