Hello iPhoneAppCafe fans!

Hello iPhoneAppCafe fans!

Image courtesy of sdcas.org.uk

We hope that you have recovered from your weekend; we’re still getting there! We just thought that we would let you know about all of the new features in iPhoneAppCafe.

Since we had already joined iPadAppCafe with iPhoneAppCafe, we decided to spruce up the site with a few new features; so, here they are!

You can now filter the list of app reviews, accessories reviews and features into either ‘iPad’ or ‘iPhone’ and then sort them by ‘Latest’, ‘Reviewer Rating’ and ‘User Rating’. This way you can quickly find what are the hottest and highest rated apps for the past 30 days. Also with our detailed categorization it is easy to narrow your search for a particular topic of your interest, for example: only view top rated entertainment apps or travel apps or any other specific area of interest.

You can also rate each article by clicking on the star ranking at the top of the page and that way be part of our community that encourages the discovery of great new apps.

If you have any questions, queries or comments about this new system, please contact us at contact@fanappic.com.

Enjoy the new look site!


  1. With the iPhone 5 coming out, I wonder if they’ll start phasing out support for the first few editions of the iPhone. I hope not…


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