Super Friends:Embarrass and Entertain Your Friends

Super Friends:Embarrass and Entertain Your Friends

Super Friends iPhone App Review
Making fun of your friends just got easier!

There is a difference between fun and just plain dumb. Hate to say it, but this was dumb. Maybe it’s an age thing. I could see high school kids having too much to drink or even college people at a fraternity party sitting around answering questions about how many squats so and so can do or what they would do if they walk in on person X watching an adult movie. Really? I am not so sure these are the types of questions I really want to spend my time thinking of when it comes to my Facebook friends. I personally felt Super Friends was a little juvenile and frat boy friendly.

Super Friends does give you the option to “play” with Facebook friends or Address Book friends, giving you the impression there is some sort of actual game involved. When it comes right down to it, there is nothing more than mindless questions to be answered about your friends. There are options to pick a friend, go to the next friend, or go to the next question. Users can even share the question on Facebook, Twitter, Email or Text Message.

I can see the entertainment value, but I can also see the boredom developing quickly. Looking to kill a few minutes? Already lost a few brain cells? Splendid. Give it a whirl.



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