Veggie Samurai iPad App Review: Kung Fu Fruit Chopping!

Veggie Samurai iPad App Review: Kung Fu Fruit Chopping!


Veggie Samurai iPhone App Review
Veggie Samurai was created by QuantumSquid Interactive and is their in-your-face response to the popular Fruit Ninja game. This game brings a good deal of excitement to the table and fans of Fruit Ninja will be re-sharpening their blades as this game is bigger, badder and more deadly than ever.

Veggie Samurai offers six exhilarating modes: Samurai, Hardcore, Harmony, Chaos, Sort and Match.

First, Samurai, Chaos and Hardcore modes features very similar game play to Fruit Ninja. Vegetables and poison bottles are thrown into the air and it’s your job to slice as many vegetables as possible. The game ends when three uncut vegetables, three broken poison bottles, or a mixture of the two occurs. Chaos mode ups the pace by being twice as fast, and Hardcore mode takes no prisoners and does not allow any mistakes.

Secondly, Harmony mode will give you two short minutes to slice and dice as many vegetables as possible. Successful combos and timing will result in one monstrous vegetable that will take more than one cut to take it down.

Thirdly, Match mode will have vegetables scrolling down the screen and you have to cut three of the same vegetables. The speed of the dropping vegetables made this mode quite frantic and I felt myself becoming dizzy at times.

Finally, Sort mode will have a vegetable cart on the right side of the screen. This cart is loaded with only one kind of vegetable, and it’s your job to make sure that only the appropriate vegetables makes it in the cart. Groups of vegetables will be flying in from the left so get your finger tips ready as precise slices are needed to rack up some serious points.

Veggie Samurai adds a fantastic combo feature. You will be able to cut vegetables up to 4 different times score combos to add to your tally. Both of your hands and all of your fingers will be utilized and you will find yourself madly scrapping at the screen. This made the game extremely fun and I often found my arms to be tiring out!

The graphics are fantastic. The details of the sliced vegetables background and blood were a joy to see. The realistic cutting sounds and Japanese-style music fit the mood of this game perfectly.

Overall this game is great for casual gamers and a must for those who loved Fruit Ninja.


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