Belong: Medical Advice In Your Pocket

Belong: Medical Advice In Your Pocket


With so much conflicting advice on the Internet, when it comes to important medical topics it can be hard to know who to trust. With Belong, you don’t have to worry—you know you’re in the hands of trusted medical professionals.

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Belong is free, and it’s easy to download (either from the Apple Store or Google Play) and set up. When you first register with the app, you’ll be prompted to choose whether you’re a patient, friend/family, or medical staff. Next, you’ll be able to select the type of cancer that’s most pertinent to you. Once your account is set up, you can use the app to keep track of your medical documents, join community groups where you can discuss with others how you’re #BeatingCancerTogether, and get advice from qualified medical professionals.

Some community groups within the app are meant for patients and/or caregivers, while others—“professional” groups—give you a sounding board to ask doctors your medical questions. These groups range from “Ask the Radiation Oncologist” to “Breast Cancer MD” to “Ask the Imaging Expert.” In these groups, you can connect with leading doctors, researchers, and radiologists.

Although these medical professionals aren’t intended to replace your personal doctor who knows you and your medical history, they can still offer you peace of mind. If you’re worried about a treatment or you’re unsure exactly how something is supposed to work, you can simply ask—and you can do it anonymously if you’d rather not broadcast what you don’t know.

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If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you know how scary and uncertain it can feel. Thankfully, Belong’s doctors will always be at your fingertips to give you timely advice on your treatment options. You can also use Belong to track the latest clinical trials; the app can help you stay on the cutting edge of medical treatments. There’s even a clinical trial matching program to help you figure out what might be best for you.

Since the doctors on Belong don’t have access to your records and full medical history, they can’t always answer specific questions about your treatment. But they can give you a broader overview of different options.

The Belong app is a must-have for free medical advice and support. Download today!


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