5 Ultimate Samurai And Ninja iPhone Games

5 Ultimate Samurai And Ninja iPhone Games


5 Ultimate Samurai And Ninja iPhone Games
Hi-ya! Nothing is quite as cool as a black clad ninja or samurai somersaulting through the air to deliver a well-placed karate chop on the neck of an adversary. If you have ever wanted to channel your inner Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, you should check out our 5 must have ninja and samurai iPhone apps that will have you chopping and slicing in no time!

1. Samurai Poodle: Slice It Style Phone Game! Samurai Poodle - Square One Games Inc.

To train like a Samurai, you must apparently learn to slice up rather blocky targets that roughly resemble animals through using quick responses, accurate strikes and logic to overcome your foes. In story mode you are presented with multiple tasks of varying difficulty where you must slice the blocks in set ways until nothing is left. You have three lives so should you make a mistake the only impact will be on your score, but being lax is not the way of a true Samurai!

Ultimately you’ve got to work out the correct sequence and work out where to cut to clear the level without making a mistake and doing it within the quickest time. If you like games like Slice It! then you will probably find this pretty entertaining and possibly even prefer it. Defeating the cat ‘bosses’ is definitely the most challenging aspect of the game but I found myself rapidly scything through the levels and fear that more advanced gamers would do the same.

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2. Samurai Girl: The Next Karate Kid Is A Woman! Samurai Girl - CJ Internet Corp.

Boys are always tougher than girls, right? Wrong. Take one angry young lady looking for revenge, her pet phoenix and a samurai sword then make that statement again. New from the Korean developers CJ Internet comes Samurai Girl, an all action RPG style game that looks set to be an April smash.

Battling through each different level, Hikaru will have to complete a number of NPC-given quests, all of which will supply her with more information about the evil forces whom she wishes to unload her anger on. In the cut and thrust of each level, you can find skill books dropped by your enemies, allowing you to upgrade your array of sword techniques. Thirteen expert sword-fighting techniques can be unlocked, turning Hikaru into a swashbuckling swordswoman of superhero proportions. Hikaru seems to have more energy than a marathon runner and puts it to good use, bouncing around the screen like a ninja who has consumed one too many coffees. It all makes for a frantic, action-packed gaming experience.

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3. Veggie Samurai: Kung Fu Fruit Chopping! Veggie Samurai - QuantumSquid Interactive

Veggie Samurai was created by QuantumSquid Interactive and is their in-your-face response to the popular Fruit Ninja game. This game brings a good deal of excitement to the table and fans of Fruit Ninja will be re-sharpening their blades as this game is bigger, badder and more deadly than ever.

Veggie Samurai offers six exhilarating modes: Samurai, Hardcore, Harmony, Chaos, Sort and Match.

First, Samurai, Chaos and Hardcore modes features very similar game play to Fruit Ninja. Vegetables and poison bottles are thrown into the air and it’s your job to slice as many vegetables as possible. The game ends when three uncut vegetables, three broken poison bottles, or a mixture of the two occurs. Chaos mode ups the pace by being twice as fast, and Hardcore mode takes no prisoners and does not allow any mistakes.

Secondly, Harmony mode will give you two short minutes to slice and dice as many vegetables as possible. Successful combos and timing will result in one monstrous vegetable that will take more than one cut to take it down.

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4. FRUIT NINJA: Turns out that Ninjas hate fruit Fruit Ninja HD - Halfbrick Studios

You are the virtual ninja and you control the blade as unsuspecting fruit is tossed in front. I assume these pieces of fruit have somehow questioned your ninja honour as the object is to slash the fruit in two, leaving the pulpy remains on the wall of the dojo.

With more and more fruit being thrown and the odd flying bomb to avoid, you slice and dice with vengeance and virtue like a true ninja warrior. Please your Sensei to gain further knowledge, and practice the way of the ninja in Zen mode to hone your sword-skills without the distraction of explosions. Fruit Ninja is pick-up and put-down, loads of fun and looks great; just what a good iPhone game needs.

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5. NinJump: Be A Ninja! NinJump - Backflip Studios

NinJump pulls off the impressive feat of being incredibly simple as well as stylish. You control a Ninja running up a gap between two buildings and have to avoid various obstacles by spin-jumping between the walls. If you hit a ninja star, squirrel or bird during your jump, you get power-ups that temporarily accelerate your skyward journey. If you get hit while on the wall, you die instantly and the game starts again… and you’ll start again with it, because it’s just so damn moreish.

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