Power Chords: A Quick Chord Directory

Power Chords: A Quick Chord Directory

Power Chords iPhone App Review
An Index Of Every Chord You’ll Ever Need

What does every guitarist -whether they are professional or just starting out- need? How about an in-depth chord directory with the ability to scroll through root notes and chords with all the alternative variations of each selected chord? Sounds good to me!

A great feature on this app is the ability to flick between Classical, Acoustic and Electric guitar, so you not only get the see how to play your selected chords but you also get to hear them across the various instruments. The electric guitar also comes with clean, reverb, chorus and flanger for you to play around with.

The info section is very hand on this app; as well as explaining what the various buttons do it also explains the chord detail and what the symbols mean. This will really help beginners who maybe haven’t learnt much theory yet.

Pros: This is a must-have index for any guitarist and it’s pretty simple to use.

Cons: There is a slight lag issue when switching between guitars and settings.

Power Chords is a great learning tool for beginners and provides a quick point of reference for anyone writing, figuring out or experimenting with guitar chords.



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