Sloan the Student Loan App

Sloan the Student Loan App


If you say to me you have finish college or university and you haven’t got any debt or loan I would say you are rich. Most student have left college with some sort of a loan that they had to take out to make sure they completed their education. No paying off that loan can be a long drawn out task. It effectively can take years to clear off the debt. This is why, whenever you can find a solution to either bring the payments down or decrease the term you have to grab that opportunity. The Sloan App isn’t a way to completely eliminate your your debt overnight but it is a way to get things rolling

Sloan allows you to manage your student loan, pay off your debt and even crowdfund payments. You can track and manage your loan directly from the app on your iPhone. The app allows you to calculate the interest you will pay and you choose the way you want to clear the loan. You do have the option of repaying the loan, monthly, weekly or on a one-off automatic payment. There’s a great further that the user can set up to help repay the loan. You can save money by rounding up purchases that you make on your debit or credit card and this will go towards your repayment.



– Easily track and manage up to 30 student loans from one easy app

– Pay off debt starting from the highest interest loans, or handle the smaller ones first

– Make payments from borrower to lender for all loans anytime and for any reason

– Pay different amounts on different loans

– Safe. All transactions are FDIC Insured & Encrypted


– See interest rates, due dates and more from an intuitive interface

– Keep debt from snowballing by tracking and managing your payments

– You can choose to pay loans automatically with one-time, weekly or monthly payment options

– Calculate interest and payment plans to see when you’ll be able to finish paying off your loans faster. Take years off your loans.

ROUND UPS: Round up FROM and TO you

– Round up your debit card & credit card purchases to put money aside for your own student loan payments

– Have parents/family/friends be your debt payoff assistant and use round ups from their debit card & credit card purchases to put money aside towards your student loan payments TOO.


– You can SloanMe instead of being paid cash for any reason (great for side hustles and paying friends)

– Invite regular or one-time payments from family or friends to help you get ahead of debt faster

– Get donations, one-time payments for special events or repayments

– Integrates with Wedding Registries

Sloan is the ultimate app to help make sure you don’t fall into debt and you are unable to keep up with repayments to your loan.

Sloan is available on the Apple App Store for free.


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