What You Need to Know About the Ibotta App

What You Need to Know About the Ibotta App


Ibotta is a popular cashback app that will help you earn a percentage back on retail purchases. The process is rather simple, and there are three ways to generate cash back with Ibotta. The app/website is one of the top businesses in the industry, with thousands of users daily and hundreds of millions of dollars paid out in rewards to date. Here’s everything you need to know about the Ibotta app.

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Rewards Balance

Your Ibotta account will earn you points for qualifying purchases with many retailers. These points can be exchanged (once you have a certain number of them available) for either cash payments or even gift cards to the same retailers you frequently shop with.

You can shop either in-store with Ibotta or via the mobile app. In-app purchases through connected retailers will earn you points, while shopping in-store will require a receipt upload before any points can be issued to your account. You can boost your savings even further by making the initial purchase with specific credit cards. Browse the latest credit card offers and find a card that rewards you for shopping at the stores you frequent the most – both online and in-person.  

Connected Retailers

Ibotta is connected with thousands of retailers all over the country, including some big names like Amazon, Wal Mart, Target, Sam’s Club, and even BJ’s Wholesale. You’ll click the small magnifying glass once you’re logged into the app, referred to as the “find rebates” button to get started finding your favorite vendors.

Once you’ve found your favorite store, you can check out which offers Ibotta has included for that store. Once you choose the offer you like, you’ll either visit the store, site, or purchase in-app to get your rewards.

Ibotta has one of the largest networks of retailers of any cashback app on the market, so you’re certain to find a retailer you enjoy shopping with. Sometimes you’ll find amazing deals that you can still earn cashback on as well, effectively increasing your savings by a large percentage.

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Redeeming Offers

Once you’ve made your purchases, you’ll navigate in-app to the button that says “redeem”. This will probably require you to upload receipts and/or even scan the barcodes of the items to ensure they were included in your offers.

Once you’ve finished, your rewards points will be generated and should be available within one to a few days. From there you’ll be able to cash out those rewards for the gift cards or cash. You must have at least $20 in your rewards account to make a withdrawal, which will be sent through PayPal.

Where is This Money Coming From?

Ibotta receives money from its connected retailers to refer you to those brands. Think of it as almost a broker; where Ibotta is the broker and you are the client. You’ll be exposed to deals and promotions from certain retailers, who have paid Ibotta to show you their brand.

This isn’t just an app that’s handing out money to consumers. There is minor work involved on behalf of the user, and you can only earn those points on the offers you’ve been provided with.

How Much Can I Earn?

The short answer to this question is how much do you shop? If you’re an avid shopper, always looking for the next deal, your earnings potential with Ibotta can be rather high. You’ll get rebates on tons of retail and grocery items, turning a simple grocery trip into a heavily discounted one.

Ibotta also offers rebates on items like Hotel rooms, so there are a variety of money-making opportunities available. Essentially, your earnings will be based on how much you use the service. The more you shop, the more chances you’ll have to earn rewards you can turn into cash or gift cards.

You’ll also get access to limited-time offers that are usually much more profitable than other rebates. These offers can include huge discounts on popular products, hotel rooms, or other purchases. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be able to claim your rebates, turning an already discounted purchase into an even deeper discount.

Signup Is Free

Ibotta doesn’t charge any monthly or yearly fees for its services, so you can signup today with no hassle or charge. The process to create an account is easy, and you can get started shopping and earning rebates right away.

The app is available in both the Google Play store as well as the Apple Store, so you’re connected no matter which service you use.

Planning Shopping Trips Around Rebates

Once you’ve gained access to the incredible rebates offered with Ibotta, you can start planning more efficient shopping trips around the promise of those rebates. You’ll be able to better manage your money and make purchases during the best time to buy them.

Don’t be caught off guard by high prices. Shopping with Ibotta can help you get a return on those costly purchases, and gain access to better deals from your favorite retailers. Don’t shop without help, shop with Ibotta!


Ibotta turns out to be one of the best ways to generate cash back on your favorite purchases. The app is:

  • Easy to use
  • Simple to cash out and earn money with
  • Connected with thousands of retailers
  • One of the top names in the industry
  • Already paid out over $500,000,000 in cash rewards to members

If you’ve never thought about trying a cashback app, Ibotta can be great for beginners and seasoned shopping veterans alike. Wherever you shop, next time choose Ibotta to earn money on your favorite purchases.


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