A Business Tycoon app: shows you how to be the best in...

A Business Tycoon app: shows you how to be the best in business!



“Greed is good.”  As Gordon Gekko muttered those immortal words all those years ago, a new breed of money-hungry yuppies were born and the Eighties’ business world was dominated by Wall Street yuppies comparing the size of their, um, expense accounts.  Then the Nineties hit and all of a sudden it was fashionable to have a conscience and care about where your money was coming from and more importantly, where it was going.  Now with the credit crunch and ensuing recession it’s every man for himself and entrepreneurs are all trying to come up with the next big thing.  Well now ‘A Business Tycoon’ app can give you that much needed edge against your competitors by showing you the ins, outs and roundabouts of the business world and satisfy your newfound lust for cold, hard cash.

a business tycon iphone app
The gambling option can be very fun if you are flush with cash, but you should remember one adage that Mr. Buffet does not share with you: ‘The house always wins’.

When you begin the game you are given a basic $10 Million to build your empire by your patron Mr. Donald Buffet who is retiring from the world of the business and is passing on the tycoon torch to you.  In addition to the generous sum of money, he gives you plenty of advice on how to succeed in business, the most memorable aphorism being, ‘”Buy low, sell high.”  (Simple, hey?!)  You are then unleashed into the business world, where you can trade shares, take loans and invest in businesses, selling them off at a profit, (hopefully!)  There are also options for you to advance yourself in the social work by dating beautiful gold-diggers who will only go out with you once your net worth is over a certain amount!

The combination of realistic business scenarios with the constant incentive of the dangling dollar in front of your eyes will certainly see anyone who is interested in maximizing profits and good business skills addicted from the start.  It will certainly hone your economic skills and shows you how to make sound investments, abilities that will no doubt prove useful in everyday business life.  ‘A Business Tycoon’ was one of the most popular iPhone games of the past year, selling over 75,000 copies; if anything, this shows you that the developers of the App must be something of a Tycoon themselves.




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