Slide-N-Glide: A Slippery Puzzler

Slide-N-Glide: A Slippery Puzzler


Slide-n-Glide iPhone App Review
If you think you’re a bit of a brainiac then you will probably feel that you are above playing most of the apps on the market. Well, if this is you, and you know who you are, then you possibly might like Slide-N-Glide.

This is a game where there are 40 increasingly difficult puzzles. What you must do is tilt the device in a desired way to cause the token(s) to move around in a sequence that will ultimately get your green token(s) safely to the exit square without accidentally placing a blue token into the exit square.

The first ten levels are quite easy to manoeuvre and complete, thereafter it becomes pretty difficult – unless you are indeed quite adept to this sort of trial.

The game is pretty entertaining and will undoubtedly keep people glued to the screen for a long time – particularly in frustration (a bit like the Rubiks Cube). However, if you are not into this sort of thing then the chances are you’ll find this type of game less than engaging.

Overall, I’d say this will appeal to the more mature gamer and the sort who like to get challenged mentally. On the downside however, I did find the sliding motion was hard to achieve as it worked rather temperamentally and did get agitating especially when one move the wrong way can cause you to lose the game.


  • Mentally challenging
  • Entertaining
  • Pretty addictive


  • The motion controls were less than satisfactory
  • Basic graphics
  • Not a game for everyone


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