Craigslist!: Essential App For Craiglist Fans

Craigslist!: Essential App For Craiglist Fans


Craigslist iPhone App Review
As a freelancer I spend a lot of time on Craigslist either advertising my business or searching for potential clients. Of course, there is the poking around other categories to see what bargains I might need. Other apps have left me frustrated. One will send email to any address, but you can’t reply to the poster of the ad. One will allow replying to an ad, but you can’t manage your own account. It has always been a headache for me.


  • Automatically uses your location for placing you in the right city.
  • Colors are easy on the eyes.
  • Text is easy to read.
  • Main category page has nice graphics.
  • Allows you to log in to your own Craigslist account (BONUS! Not many apps have this option)
  • Create and post to Craigslist within the app.
  • Email posts to your friend
  • Map the location to get directions
  • Supports multiple countries


  • None that I see.

Summary: Most Craigslist apps are a bit clunky, boring, and hard on the eyes. Some are difficult to navigate and they are too cluttered. This one does not fall under that category. I was really pleasantly surprised and the look and feel of this app. For 99 cents you can’t go wrong with this Craigslist “assistant”. No more headaches for me!


  1. This app searches ok, but would be better if it allowed turning off picture preview. I found the posting support to be inferior to other apps: the process is clunky with unnecessary clicks, and the app does not show the “capcha” image generated by CL. I know testing an app is tedious, but there are plenty of cons for the active CL poster here.


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