Tesla Wars: Dozens of Power-Ups

Tesla Wars: Dozens of Power-Ups


Tesla Wars iPhone App Review
Tesla Wars packs a big punch with its name, to which it over delivers. The game intense game changer power ups that level the battlefield and give you the upper hand.

Everyone loves zapping stick figure men, because if you can zap one, you can probably zap 100… or blow them up… or kill one that then kills all the other ones around it.

No matter how you look at it, the game has potential. There’s just one catch.

Once you get to a certain level, there’s no going forward unless you have deep pockets. I would have appreciated a sign explaining to me that no matter how hard I tried, I would never pass this level (short of a miracle) unless I invested some serious money in my Tesla entertainment.

Overall the game’s playability is great and it starts up easy to give you a chance to gain a feel for the game. It also presents us with a unique way to make a game profitable.


  1. Not true. Most people get stuck around level 50 because it’s really hard to advanced past there unless you plan your strategy out correctly. I’m up to level 156 without having to buy credits. The trick is to delay buying the passive lightening for as long as possible, stock up on energy recharge so you don’t need to buy as many energy upgrades, and when you need health or energy, always buy the upgrades, and not the refills because the upgrades automatically top you up. You only increase the power level when absolutely necessary. As for the special powers, the energy fence is the most useful followed by the earthquake followed by the multi-point lightening strike. I haven’t tried the rest yet.


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