Color Tower: Extremely Relaxed Block Building

Color Tower: Extremely Relaxed Block Building


Color Tower: Extremely Relaxed Block Building

So Grandpa’s finally got an iPhone and you don’t want him playing anything that might induce a heart attack, what do you suggest for him to download? Color Tower…

Color Tower is a block building game in its most simple form. You have a blueprint of each level to work towards, a grid full of lots of different coloured tiles and as much time as you like to complete it in. With the simple tap-to-select-then-tap-to-place controls and the ability to select whichever of the 20 levels you desire from the off; this really is a completely mediocre game.

Therein lies the problem, there’s no unlockable content, no progression, nothing that really makes me want to go back and play it again. The only slightly competitive feature is the ‘high scores’ board which shows you how many moves and how long each puzzle has taken you to complete…but that’s hardly anything new is it?

Pros: Could be useful in a kind of ‘Brain Training’ way for older people.

Cons: A serious lack of variety and content.

With a whole wealth of puzzle games available on the App Store Color Tower just doesn’t hold up against many of its competitors.

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Laura Barnes
By night Laura is a musician and plays drums for Alt/Indie band BalloonMan, by day she is a staff writer for PCR magazine. Laura is a fully fledged App addict and also has a keen interest in Cinema, Art, Gaming and Japan.


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