Gem Shock: The Value of Gems

Gem Shock: The Value of Gems


Gem Shock iPhone App Review

Gem Shock reminds me of the first game I made on the iPhone. It was crazy hard, although it started easy. It also reminds me of fascination developers have with providing their users with a game that packs fun and amusement in the same app.

Our developer, Unbound Minds believes in entertainment particularly regarding music, having packed not one or two but 4 different songs in the game. The game’s simple to use interface makes it perfect for younger kids to adopt, and of course there is no blood, no sex and no violence which is great for teaching toddlers motor skills like precise finger movement and sound effects.

The game is simple, and most of all, mindless making it a great game to pick up in church, at a business conference or while your girlfriend is talking non-stop over the phone.


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