Selfie Drones – The Newest Addition to Our Smartphones!

Selfie Drones – The Newest Addition to Our Smartphones!


Whether you realize it or not, the 5 minutes of fame of the selfie sticks are about to end. The latest selfie movement trend is a new gadget, and that gadget can fly! We are talking about Selfie Drones, drones that re small enough to fit your pocket, yet come with powerful enough cameras to capture breathtaking photos either of the surroundings or to snap a quick selfie from a new perspective. Furthermore, they can also record Full HD videos, while some higher-end models can even record in 4K!

Why are they so popular? Well, unlike with the selfie stick, you don’t need to stretch out your arms to get that perfect angle. You just need to use your smartphone to position the drone in the desired position and push the button for an instant selfie. Plus, you won’t have that ugly looking piece of stick in every single one of your photos or videos of yourself.

Another advantage of a selfie drone is that you don’t need to be a pro drone pilot to be able to control the damn thing, like with other, more professional drone models. No, all you need to do is to download the app on your smartphone and just push the buttons that will let the drone perform autonomous flights and even recognize hand gestures that command him to snap photos or start/stop recording videos.  

In this post, we will talk about some of the best selfie drone models that are offered on the current market, but if you want to get more familiar with this type of drones and perhaps some more advanced models, you can also check out an article talking about which drones have a smartphone instead of an RC controller.

The Hexo+

Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that managed to raise some $1.3 million, and a company named SquadZone, a selfie drone named Hexo+ was born. We have to give them credit because, they managed to produce a selfie drone that is light years ahead of its competition. It is faster, more adaptable, and stronger than any other model in its class, and has a gimbal that is meant to use GoPro cameras specifically. This means that your selfies and selfie videos will look top notch, and you will have the ability to shoot in 4K if you choose to strap on a Hero 4 camera on it.  

With the standard configuration, the drone will keep following you like a dog, and if you want more, it offers plenty commands to choose from, all there to make your photos and videos, breathtaking! Those special commands are:

  • Slide in and out and sideways
  • Fly in and out
  • 360 degrees selfie
  • Hover

Furthermore, Hexo+ also offers some features that are more advanced, for example, “Intelligent Algorithms” that orders the drone and the camera to track movements, and “predict” where your route will end as the action goes along. This highly durable drone is capable of reaching a top speed of 45 mp/h, which makes it the fastest one in its class, but it is also the biggest one.

The Lily Drone

The next model is among the rare ones that are waterproof, and its simple, yet sexy design, is amazing. To start the flight, you just need to toss the drone in the air and it will automatically start flying and reach the height you pre-set before flight. As for setting the starting height, the lowest you can set is some 5 feet, while the highest is 50 feet, which is also the farthest distance it can go away from you. The drone also comes with a small tracker, which you can use to control the flight and position it in the desired position for the best shot.

As if this wasn’t enough, Lily can also be used for awesome action sport videos because you can also order it to follow certain moving points of interest. And, with a top speed of 25 mp/h and great wind flight resistance, it can get the job done perfectly for pretty much anything you throw at it.  The camera drone comes with is capable of capturing crystal clear photos, and Full HD videos up to 60fps.

If you thought that the flight time was a downside to this drone, you were wrong! It can stay in the air for some 20 minutes, which in this drone class, is unbelievable.

The Hover Camera

This selfie drone known as the Hover Camera, was designed and produced by a startup company based in China, named Zero Zero Robotics. It is a really light, foldable drone model, that is not bigger than an average book (which it folds and looks like), but is capable of shooting 4K videos and images, and has a storage space of 32GB.  

To start shooting, all you need to do is to unfold it and toss it in the air, and it will start hovering and following you around. Instead of an RC transmitter, you will use your smartphone and  a special app for the drone, which will allow you to 360 degrees panoramic videos and snap plenty of selfies, with its 13MP camera.

Dobby selfies drone

Dobby is advertized as a selfie drone that can fit your pocket, and is actually one of the most popular models nowadays.

ZeroTech is the company behind this iPhone sized model, and if you want to know what is “under the hood”, we can tell you that it comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset. As for the most important part any selfie fan would love to know, the camera, it comes with a 13MP camera, that is capable of capturing, electronically stabilized, crystal clear images, and videos from Full HD, up to 4K resolution. Furthermore, it also offers the option of streaming to smartphones, via Wi-Fi.

When talking about its memory, we have to say that it is not the highest in its class, but with 16GB of internal memory, you will be able to capture plenty of selfies, and a fair amount of aerial footage (as long as it’s not all in 4K)  

Other noteworthy features include auto follow mode, GPS  tracking, voice control functions, and face recognition. As for flight time, well, you can’t expect Phantom times for that price, but with some 9 minutes of air time, it’s pretty much standard for the selfie drone class.

Kimon selfie drone

The KeyShare Technologies have developed a miniature, a flying camera that comes with 16 MP and the capability of shooting in 4K resolution. They named it the Kimon Selfie Drone.

You can control this little drone with a smartphone, and with just a touch of a button (or better say touchscreen) it will take off, hover, shoot videos and snap selfies, and land on its own. It comes with a replaceable battery that offers some 8 minutes of flight time, but you can easily order a few more additional batteries to prolong the fun.  

What is the most interesting thing about this drone, is that even though it’s small, it comes with some pretty advanced features like follow me, 45-degree shooting, 360-degree panorama shots, panorama selfie and standard selfie, of course, and it also has a built in GPS system, that makes it return home in case of signal loss or if the battery is running dry.

Other noteworthy features include multiple video shooting modes like slow motion and time lapse videos.  Definitely a drone worth checking out for your next vacation or adventure.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know which selfie drone models are the most wanted ones on the market. Keep in mind that their prices are justified by the fact that they are not toy grade drones and come equipped with some rather advanced flight controllers that allow them to stable and perform intelligent actions in order to be able to capture selfies and videos without flight control input from your side. Most of the models we mentioned here come with quite powerful cameras that deliver 4K resolution videos and crystal clear images.

Even though their flight times are not as long as some high-end models like the DJI Phantoms or Yuneec models offer, as the technology evolves, we believe that even selfie drones will be capable of staying up in the air more than half an hour. But, in the meantime, some 15 to 20 minutes of air time with a selfie drone sound quite enough if you ask us. A lot can be captured during that time, right?

Now, it’s your turn to talk! Don’t be shy, let us know what do you think the future will bring for drones and selfie movement? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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