How To Recover Deleted Files For Free

How To Recover Deleted Files For Free


We are always in a rush. Either at work or at home, it seems that we are doing the things we need to do automatically. We don’t even have the time or energy to question them. However, suddenly, you realize you just made a huge mistake: you accidentally deleted an extremely important file that you have been working on for the entire week. What now? You don’t even have the time to do it all again. And even if you did have the time, you have other things to do…

Well, if you ever were or are in this situation, you’ll be glad to know that there is a free software that will help you get all those accidentally deleted files – the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Even though there is numerous software similar to this that allows you to recover deleted files, the truth is that you need to pay for the best ones. Second, they usually only work with one operating system or they only allow you to recover your lost files from your computer. What if you were saving all your work on a USB drive or in memory card? Is it all lost?

Not even close… And this is why we love this free data recovery software. You can easily recover deleted files from:

#1: Your Computer:

Either if you are running Windows 10 or Mac on your computer, you can simply use this free data recovery software to recover deleted files from your SSD, hard drive, or external hard drive. You can even recover it from servers or laptops and no matter if you have formatted partitions.

#2: Memory Cards:

Even though it is not likely that you deleted these files, they can be corrupted or damaged. So, just use the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free and recover all the information you want from any Micro card, CF card, SD card, memory stick, among others.

#3: Your USB Drive:

No matter if you accidentally deleted important files, formatted the USB drive, or you had a virus attack, you can simply use the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free to rescue all the data loss.

#4: Other Digital Devices:

Hardware crashes when you least expect. So, nothing better than using this free data recovery software to recover all your lost data from numerous digital devices such as mobile phones, video players, music players. digital cameras, among others.

One of the things that we like most about the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the fact that after you download and install it, the interface of the software is minimal, clean, and highly intuitive. Right from the menu, you can access everything you want. One of the main advantages is that there aren’t really any settings to change which make it even more convenient and efficient.

So, what do you need to do to recover deleted files?

Just go to the “Home” window of the software and choose the kind of file you are looking for. You can choose between video, audio, email, documents, graphics, and other. Then, when you click Next, you just need to choose where the software is going to look for those files. Before you click on the Scan button, you need to be aware of a major difference between the quick scan and the deep scan. While the quick scan is a lot quicker, the deep scan can take a lot longer but will also provide you with more results. In case you need to interrupt the process for any reason, you can either pause it or stop it.

When this free data recovery software finds the file that you were looking for, just right-click on top of it and choose “Recover”. You will then be asked to choose a location to save your recovered file.

As you can see, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is pretty straight-forward and easy to work with.


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