Scrabble for iPad & Scrabble Tile Rack for the iPhone & iPod...

Scrabble for iPad & Scrabble Tile Rack for the iPhone & iPod Touch – Connect your Apple devices together for the Ultimate Game of Scrabble!

Scrabble for iPad & Scrabble Tile Rack for the iPhone & iPod Touch
Put your fasted finger forward!

Calling all Apple fans!

Can’t decide which Apple device you want to use? Well, now you won’t need to compromise as Scrabble for iPad can be connected with your iPhone or iPod Touch for the classic game of Scrabble with your family and friends. Gather all your Apple devices together and get playing!

Your iPad acts as the Scrabble board, which features amazing HD graphics, sound effects and animation. Once you have downloaded the Scrabble Tile Rack app, your iPhone or iPod Touch can hold your rack of letters, where you simply flick each letter onto the iPad Scrabble board. This is a great interactive way of playing and family and friends of any age will be entertained by these amazing features.

Whilst playing Scrabble, you can also listen to and control your music from your iTunes library or even run your favourite playlist in the background. This is a fantastic feature when playing with others in party mode.

As each player holds their iPhone or iPod Touch, they can keep their letter tiles private, shake their device to shuffle their letters around and then easily flick each letter onto the board to create their word. The advanced dictionary is a big help and also the ‘best word’ feature, which allows the computer to generate your best word if you are struggling to create one.

Scrabble for iPad can also be played individually, in a range of languages and at different levels. This is the most fun and entertaining way of playing Scrabble so try it out! It’s very impressive and will keep you hooked for hours!


  1. Excellent review. Its pretty amazing to be able to connect apple devices together to play a game of scrabble. Cant wait to try it out! I work in an educational centre where we are always looking for ways to support learning using technology. This review has given me some ideas of how we can use this app to engage students learning. Especially as the scrabble app can be played in different languages.

  2. I just bought the new iPad for my girlfriend and we have been playing this Scrabble App from iPad to iPad over a local network. Excellent App!

  3. I want the ipad so I can play this app! I’ve spent hours playing this on my sisters ipad and I’m hooked. Very educational app that is both interactive and can give an individual hours of solo play to. I love the best word options and it give you an extra level on which to aspire to as it not only gives the best word but also how it can be placed on the current board layout to give you the most points. Excellent app!!!

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