Tappi Bear All in 1 – Pack 2: Five finger challenges

Tappi Bear All in 1 – Pack 2: Five finger challenges

Tappi Bear All in 1 – Pack 2: Five finger challenges
Count to conduct in Tappi Bear’s Rainbow Band

How fast are your fingers? Fast enough to conduct an orchestra? Keep a football in the air? Serve donuts to an increasingly demanding collection of teddies? Put your tapping skills to the test with Tappi Bear All in 1 – Pack 2.

This is the second compilation of games starring the adorably 2D Tappi Bear, a follow up from the original pack released last year.

Pack 2 includes five new mini games:

Tap Tap Spring: Tap left and right to help your bear-on-a-pogo-stick bounce from platform to platform. Earn combos and accumulate bonus donuts, but don’t fall off the edge.

Rainbow Band: Conduct an orchestra of multi-coloured birds by tapping the numbers above their heads in the right order. Counting upwards from one may seem easy, but it’s often a frantic struggle to find the next number before the timer runs out.

Tappi Bubble: Help Tappi Bear aim and shoot his bubbles at the ones descending from the top of the screen. Connecting three or more bubbles of the same colour causes them to disappear.

Donut Fever: Serve up different donut shapes, icing types and toppings to meet the needs of your impatient customers. If you disappoint three of these hungry bears, it’s game over.

Tap Tap Kick: In this game, Tappi Bear’s playing keepy-uppy. Keep tapping on the football to make sure it stays in the air and, once again, tap on the donuts for bonus points.

As you play the various games, you earn Game Center achievements, as well as virtual coins which can be spent on Tappi Bear wallpapers in the in-app gift store.

Tappi Bear All in 1 is a fantastic looking application, with its cute characters and animations. However, its games are definitely aimed at those wanting a quick distraction, rather than a strategic ongoing gaming experience. Admittedly, I’m not the most coordinated person in the world, but most of my games were over in less than a minute – and when it came to Tap Tap Kick, it was often less than 5 seconds! So, while the individual games are fun, the real appeal here is in the fact that you can dip in and out of the five different games within the one application.

Of course, you’ll soon have your favourite game (Tappi Bubble is mine). You’ll soon be trying to beat your high scores. Your fingers will be flying all over the iPhone screen, aiming for the bonus donuts and cursing the moving platforms. And you may even be wondering, like I am, if there will be a Tappi Bear Pack 3 released soon.



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