Ask App Marketing Guru Any Burning Questions

Ask App Marketing Guru Any Burning Questions

Trey Smith on App Marketing
Trey Smith has developed many iPhone apps and has gone on to make millions from his software

You may have made a great app but in such a crowded market how do you get noticed and start making money from it? Here’s the answer: ask a very successful app developer and marketer who has done this a hundred times before. Trey Smith has developed many iPhone apps and has gone on to make millions from his software, apps and information products online. Trey has kindly offered some of his time for followers and is going to answer your questions.

Perhaps the most popular question ever asked about iPad/iPhone app marketing is “How do I get my app in the list of 100 top iPhone apps for my category?” What other specific questions do you have? Here is your chance to post your questions and get them all answered by Trey.

Ask Trey a Question about App Marketing and how to make money from apps! Please post your questions in the comment box below this post! We will post an article in a week time with all the answers! Thank you 🙂

Trey Smith on App Marketing Trey Smith has sold over $10,000,000 of his software, apps and information products online.  Trey started internet marketing in 2005 after a failed attempt as a Real Estate Salesman and made over $1,000,000 net profit his first full year online… he was 27 years old.

Trey now teaches people all across the globe through his blog, live seminars and webinars, how to create, market and sell iPhone apps and games.  He currently has 6 apps in the app store including the Top 20 hits Jump Pack & Maze+.

You can listen to him speak on this live webinar: How to make money with iPhone Apps!


  1. Trey – I can’t catch your webinars as I am based in the UK and the time difference makes it tricky. I have just launched an iPhone app called Legacy Organiser (that is the featured app this week on iPhoneAppCafe). We are getting into social media to promote the app but I was just wondering what your tips are on really pushing awareness and getting it to go viral? It is the world’s first app of its type and we have been on the Scottish news as seen on this clip We are also looking at driving revenue through the app with referrals from third parties (Bucket list travel companies, life assurance policies, lawyer services etc). I’d be grateful for any advice or tips given your huge amount of experience and expertise. Many thanks – Victoria

  2. Fighting back:-


    I found that when we launched over a year ago that the demand for our apps was much greater than today. Back then we were top of the charts here in Ireland and even had the top grossing app. I’m sure there are many good reasons for this as the number of apps has increased exponentially over the last while and with that you have tough competition at every corner. Do you have any recent examples of apps that have done really well and returned good revenue? We are in the radio/music space so any tips would be gratefully received.

  3. Trey… sounds like you are doing well. The article says you have released hundreds of apps? What would you say is the top 5 keys to a successful app business?

    Thanks in advance for your answers!

  4. Hi Trey,

    A couple weeks ago I did an experiment where I made all my apps (all 11 of them) entirely Free for 1 whole week. During that time my app downloads went from a couple a week to over 12,000 in one week! Unfortunately being free I made no money, but it was cool too see the download numbers go way up from what they were. That shows me that there is interest in my apps but I simply can’t seem to get people to buy them. They are all priced at 99 cents, except for one, and I felt this would be an ideal price point, but even still my sales are extremely sluggish.

    How else can I make it so my apps are purchased just as much as they were downloaded like crazy during that free week?

    Thank you!

  5. Hi,

    We have 3 business apps for iPad with a high price in AppStore $25 , there are similar software for PC with a price too much high, about $1000 , our problem is how to marketing our apps because our target market are businessman that have an iPad , it’s difficult to Reach to this audience. We try ads, linked in, Facebook, blogs,… But in business category in AppStore always are the same apps, don’t change! What can we do to up in ranking and our audience know us?


  6. Hi Trey, we have successfully launched a number of new apps and had great press, been new & noteworthy and achieved good initial downloads. However visibility of the apps is incredibly hard to sustain even with on-going social media. Do you have any tried and tested processes for keeping the apps in the forefront of peoples minds that does not need a huge marketing budget? Many thanks for any tips you can give.

  7. Hello Trey,
    I have a rather bizarre situation with my app. I am an American working in Germany for a travel guidebook company which is more or less the equivalent of Rick Steves or Not For Tourists guides: independent, quirky, and beloved by German travelers. Now that the publisher wants to expand into English by making translated books into apps, I am finding it difficult to approach newspapers & magazines with a unfamiliar publishing house. How does an app developer establish credibility (eg brand recognition) in the international market? Mobile travel guide apps are an incredibly tricky medium because hardly any app review sites give priority to reviewing them. Who should I be asking? And moreover, how do you effectively ask someone to consider your app? Thanks much,


  8. Hi Trey,
    Thanks in advance for your time! You’re the man!
    We’re trying to make a tremendous splash with our newest app’s launch. (an iphone app that helps you remember names) We made a fun video and would love your advice on how to maximize its reach and improve its ability to convert viewers to buyers..
    Once we get people to the app store, how can we improve our odds, what changes would you make to our iTunes app description?

    Thanks so much Trey!

  9. Scenario back drop:
    Feng Shui is the Chinese system of divinition believed to use the laws of both Heaven and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive energy. Unlike Vaastu Sharstra (the hindu dharma based system for construction of dwelling spaces) which is rigid with respect to design and layout of the building, Feng Shui reinforces the positive energy in the dwelling using simple additions like the laughing Buddha, dragon headed toad, mirrors, miniature fountains etc without need for re-reconstruction of the building.
    Setting the scenario
    You are a Feng Shui Consultant with notable expertise in the subject. You wish to start Feng Shui consultancy services for home dwellings and office spaces.
    Notable features of this business:
    • Service hence mostly intangible
    • Benefits are not concrete
    • Credence / belief based offering hence one cannot gauge the performance against established standards
    • Your product/offering that is not clearly defined: There is no precise definition for benefits called health and prosperity.
    • Competition not clearly defined: Whom are you competing with?
    Questions to ponder:
    • Propose a brand name for this consultancy and rationalize your reason for selection of the brand name
    • Describe in detail your positioning strategy


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