Save Your Shoulders with the Superior STM Link iPad Bag

Save Your Shoulders with the Superior STM Link iPad Bag



In the pre-iPad days, workers in the digital world had to cart around their laptops in shoulder-draining satchels that left them with a lopsided gait as they shuffled back home at the end of the day.  Now all this has changed and bags like the STM Link are providing commuters with the perfect apparatus to carry their digital life around with them without the need for corrective back surgery.

The Link is designed for 10” tablets and can accommodate most protective cases as well as boasting space for cords, a charger and even a spare battery.  Its front pocket has a soft lining that means that your phone can also slot in comfortably (although you know what they say about eggs and baskets) and the main compartment at the front has room for such bits and bobs as a book, pens and a packet of nuts (although these will invariably get crushed throughout the day).


The fabric is smooth and water-resistant and comes in a range of colours; the red finish is my favourite and really stands out in a crowd.  As part of STM’s new Annex collection, this is clearly an effort to strike a happy balance between style and substance.

As iPad cases go, it’s sleek, compact and, from what I can tell, pretty durable.  Oh, and its users won’t end up strolling around like the hunchback of Notre Dame, either.  Result.

Price: $59.95

Link: STM Link tablet bag


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