Road Warrior: Move aside Mad Max, These Cars are Kings of the...

Road Warrior: Move aside Mad Max, These Cars are Kings of the Road


Road Warrior iPhone App Review

There’s something about the level of gymnastic ability of the cars in Road Warrior that makes the game somewhat endearing. Rather than adhering to something as simple as, say … the laws of physics and gravity, the cars in this game flip multiple somersaults as they speed across a number of courses.

The game sees you taking the wheel of a heavily armoured car as you compete with other racers on various post-apocalyptic 2D courses. Along the way you shoot your competitors and attempt to beat the three bosses. There are a number of cars to be unlocked, ranging from the relatively Beetle-esque Predator to the hitchhiker-troubling Pussy Wagon, and you can also upgrade your death-mobiles – for a price. There are several ways of earning money to do this – winning races, pulling tricks, killing opponents, or, if you’re feeling flush, buying in-game cash through your iTunes account, something the Road Warrior encourages you to do at every given opportunity.

The action is speedy and there’s enough variation in the courses to keep you interested. The shooting seems a little pointless at times though, as you don’t really get any sense of doing any damage to your opponents until they explode in a fiery heap of metal. Are a few bullet holes or a health-counter too much to ask? Probably.

Pros:The level of difficulty and time needed to get all the upgrades keeps you coming back.

Cons:What’s the point of having guns on a car if you don’t gain any satisfaction in using them?


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