Finger Slayer Seasons – Christmas: A great Christmas game? Bah Humbug

Finger Slayer Seasons – Christmas: A great Christmas game? Bah Humbug


Finger Slayer Seasons – Christmas iPhone App Review

It’s fair to say Finger Slayer Seasons won’t be topping many Christmas lists this year. It’s a more than playable reaction game, but one that rests in the more negative spectrum of the time-wasters market.

The aim of the game is to move your snowman’s head away from the three guillotines, which forever threaten his to cleave is carrot nose and cause his head some general damage. Collecting coins and jewels while staying out of the way of the oncoming blades gives you cash to open up new costumes, scenes and levels, and there are five modes of play, ranging from the survival mode, where you only have one guillotine to face, to the killer mode, where you obliterate zombie pumpkins.

You can buy more coins to level up quicker, or earn them through sharing the game on Facebook and Twitter, but why anyone would is somewhat of a mystery. The gameplay is fast and furious, but the game isn’t compelling enough to warrant actually spending money on the thing, or exciting enough to want to clog up your friends’ social networking feeds with. Plus you pick up coins quickly enough byplaying through the levels.

Is Finger Slayer Seasons addictive? Yes. But it’s the kind of addiction you soon regret, leaving you wondering why you just spent half an hour moving a snowman’s head from side to side.

Pros: An annoyingly addictive way to test your reaction times.

Cons: The game doesn’t really offer enough in terms of gameplay to keep you going back for more.


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