Snake Fusion: For Nimble Fingers Only

Snake Fusion: For Nimble Fingers Only


Snake Fusion iPhone App Review

Snake Fusion is that worm game you played as a kid. The more applies you eat, the more your score increases… however the more those two things go up, the longer the worm (or, ahem, snake) gets which makes the game more challenging.

Snake Fusion is a terrific game for the patient, relaxed player. You can expect to be entertained for days with nearly a hundred levels and a few different worlds. Tip: The approach that’s working for me is playing it, putting it down, and picking it back up a little later.

The background sounds start you off with the oceanic rhythm of waves and seagulls. This game makes a great day starter or something to play just before going to sleep!

Snake Fusion gets an 8/10 for being a good entertainer, at the same time challenging to keep the patient player busy for hours. Plus it’s easy to win.


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