Ringtone DJ: Attempt To Edit Tracks From Your Library To Make Your...

Ringtone DJ: Attempt To Edit Tracks From Your Library To Make Your Own Ringtones


Ringtone DJ iPhone App Review
Have you ever thought ‘that little bit right there, about 48 seconds into that song…now THAT would make a great ringtone!’?

Well, if you are a bit of a music obsessive and HAVE thought about that before, now you can edit all you like with the Ringtone DJ app; just don’t be surprised if you find a few hidden annoyances along the way.

The basics of this app are very simple, making it incredibly easy to use. Select a track from your library that you fancy chopping a section out of, then do just that; move the ‘start’ and ‘duration’ cursers about until they are in the desired place and click the ‘create ringtone’ button and away you go…almost…dun dun DUNNNN

Ok, here we go with a major annoyance…after creating your ringtone you can’t simply ‘listen’ to it, or access it through a folder right then and there; you have to install iTunes file sharing software on your device to access it. As well as this hidden addition there are also some other paid ones that you will come across if you want to use the app fully. Considering the app is called ‘Ringtone DJ’…if you want to do anything remotely DJ-ish you have to pay for multiple effects packages.

Pros: Easy to use for simple editing of a track.
Cons: If you want to add any effects to your ringtones you have to pay. If you are attempting to save a ringtone longer than about 60 seconds the app has a tendency to crash.


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