Flick Hoops: Fun And Funky Basketball Game

Flick Hoops: Fun And Funky Basketball Game


Flick Hoops iPhone App Review
Whenever I have free time, I love playing games on my iPhone. Who doesn’t? Heck, games alone are enough of a reason to get an iPhone. There are literally thousands and thousands of games that line the shelves of the app store. Recently, I discovered a new one, and I have to say, I’m slightly addicted. It’s called Flick Hoops, and it’s lots of fun.

For those of you that have played Paper Toss, you will be familiar with the gameplay. You’re placed in front of a basketball hoop, and your goal is to get as many baskets in a row as you can. You throw the ball by flicking your finger upwards on the screen. But here’s where it gets interesting, next to the hoop there’s a fan that’s blowing, and the wind can throw the ball off course, so you have to aim carefully.

Once you get the hang of it, give the hard mode a try. It’s basically the same as the arcade mode, but it gets a little more difficult- the fan blows at faster speeds, making it harder to aim the ball. But my favorite part of the game is the challenges mode, there it gives you a bunch of different challenges to complete, like scoring ten times in sixty seconds, or scoring five times in thirty seconds with obstacles in the way.

The thing I like about games on the iPhone is that they don’t need to be crazy good in order to get popular. Just take a simple idea, and people will enjoy it. Like throwing a basketball. With a fan.



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