Rig Fire Classic: It’s hot stuff!

Rig Fire Classic: It’s hot stuff!


Rig Fire Classic iPhone App Review
Have you always fancied yourself as a fireman? Well, if so, you might want to give this game a go!

What you must do is protect an oil rig from succumbing to a fire! Which sounds really easy but when oil happens to be one of the most flammable things known to man, it’s far from a walk in the park! What you must do is listen out for the audio cue that a fire has taken place and then use your sharp reflexes spot the place the fire has begun and send your engineer to tackle the blaze before it spreads and everything goes up in smoke.

Controls are pretty simple, tap the engineer to select it then tap it again (or tap another engineer) to unselect it and select the desired one. Whilst the engineer is selected you simply have to move your finger to the area you want your engineer to move to (e.g. to the fire or repair site) and the engineer will automatically move to the spot and tackle the blaze etc.

This is a pretty tricky game which is literally a case of fighting fires. No sooner do you tackle one fire you are often confronted with another. You must balance the deployment of your crew and also work out how to repair the damage to help your chances of survival.

This game is pretty entertaining and definitely proves to be hugely addictive. No matter how simple it is, you will find yourself going through each stage with a desire to get three stars on each.


  • Really addictive
  • Simple but effective controls
  • Challenging


  • You will probably find it impossible to put down once started
  • Getting your head round selecting and deselecting engineers takes some getting used to



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