Pixel Face: Wonderful 8 bit silliness

Pixel Face: Wonderful 8 bit silliness


Pixel Face iPhone App Review

Ok so it might be just another photo filter app, and yes there might be numerous apps out there that already do pixilation effects, but there’s something lovably retro and charming about the Pixel Face app.

You just can’t not love the design of the thing, which looks like its been dipped in a barrel of gooey 8 bit sugar and spice. Everything about the bright 80’s colored buttons and the arcade style sounds just put a smile on your face.

Supporting both the cameras is a nice touch, but the ability to send your picture straight to Facebook and twitter is the real feather in the apps cap. However it’s also a little bit of a stumbling block for the following two reasons:

1. The Twitter up loader gives the warning error ‘failed – try again’ – but the app does actually upload the image to the twitter.

2. In order to connect to Facebook you are forced into signing in and tagging through the safari Facebook sign in – which is just a pain.

Still at £0.69, this is great fun even with the very minor fault.In truth, I feel a little guilty about not giving the app 5/5 but should it sort out its publishing kinks to Twitter and Facebook, I’d more than happily change my opinion and recommend it as a five star app!



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