Cut The Rope: A Hugely Addictive Game

Cut The Rope: A Hugely Addictive Game


Cut the Rope iPad App Review
The aim of the game is simple here; cut the ropes to help Omnom the frog get his candy fix. No, I haven’t gone all Lohan on you and lost the plot, I’m talking about an app which could rival Doodle Jump with its addictive simplicity.

Poor Omnom the frog is forced to live in a cardboard box, but with your agile fingers and sharp mind he can maintain his plump figure with sweet treats. Each stage has Omnom positioned waiting for his snack, and your job is to cut the correct ropes attached to the sweet, in order to gain stars and eventually feed the fat frog.

Newbies start out with a cardboard box, which has 24 different levels, each climbing in difficulty; I’ll admit I did skip to level 24 and was reduced to feeling like a school kid being picked on in algebra class; I was clueless.

Not only does it get the brain working, but it has an element of childish fun and is perfect after a long day of ringing phones and annoying colleagues. You also get your monies worth with this app, as each time you update the software you gain access to other boxes, such as the magic box and the ever alluring Valentines box.

We say it’s definitely worth the $0.99, purely for the hilarious yet mellowing game music.


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