Return My Phone: Increase your chances of having your phone back!

Return My Phone: Increase your chances of having your phone back!


Return My Phone iPhone App Review
It seems quite an ironic idea to create an app you may never need and preferably won’t have to use but in this digital age with mobile technology all around us it’s fairly safe to say there’s one major downfall – what do you do when it goes missing?

If you’ve ever come a cropper on a night out when you’ve forgotten to pick up your mobile when leaving the bar or got off the bus and realised when you’re about to call your friends to say you’ve arrived only to discover it must have slipped out of your pocket – you know it’s a real nightmare and total pain.

Thankfully some clever folk have made an app to help the forgetful or unlucky retrieve their mobile through using Return Phone. This app works by allowing you to register some basic contact details and the reward you’re willing to pay to have your device returned to you.
In the event that you manage to lose your phone once you’ve installed this app, you can cross your fingers and hope that should someone find it they’ll be able to see that it’s got an owner and can simply access the website and register the phone as found. Once this happens, the company will inform you that it’s been found and you then will pay the reward for the safe return of the mobile.

Sadly this app relies too heavily on people’s better nature and luck that it is found in the first place, however, it does increase your chances of getting your belongings back and offers a little more peace of mind.

Overall it’s a nice idea and hopefully one that will spare you any blushes as well as any additional expense.


  • Increases your chances of getting your old phone back
  • Could save you time and money
  • Fairly foolproof
  • You can set the reward offered


  • It’s not guaranteed your phone will be found or returned
  • The app’s only any good if it’s charged
  • Using the GPS capabilities would make more sense in tracking the phone remotely


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