Parking Mania: Crazy Car Game For iPhone!

Parking Mania: Crazy Car Game For iPhone!


Parking Mania iPhone App Review

Parking games in general can tend to get a bit repetitive and frustrating; one main problem is usually the controls. Parking Mania provides multiple options for controlling your various vehicles, including a steering wheel, a dragging wheel and my personal preference, the accelerometer. There is even an option for flipping the controls and a sensitivity bar for you to play around with.

As for the game play, the main object is to park various cars, sounds easy right? Well how about having to go collect various trailers, pick up wood, boats and even pigs as you travel around in a sports car, tractor and even the odd limousine? Yeah, you’re probably gonna need a car buffer at some point… As the levels go on the challenges increase and no matter how tricky it gets you’re only allowed five mishaps i.e. bumping into a wall, reversing into a hay stack until you have to start again.

With a time limit for bonus points and coins to collect, Parking Mania has plenty to offer other than just reversing into a space. The different selection of vehicles, each with their own pros and cons add some interesting variety to the game.

Parking Mania is hands down one of the best value for money games on the app store, currently up to 100 levels with promise of more, excellent replay value – for those hardcore gamers who must get every coin available – and having to use your spatial awareness and a bit of geometry to try and reverse a trailer full of pigs into an incredibly tight spot is a great work out for the brain.

The only criticism I can give for this game is that there are a few minor bugs which causes some frustration, for this reason Parking Mania gets a .5 knocked of the overall score.

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  1. This sounds like a pretty funny game! I recently put together a “Cool” iPhone App Guide and I could definitely use a couple of recommendations. I’m not sure if this one would make my list though?! I guess I’m going to have to play it to decide. Does anyone have any recommendations or want to vote on the games I already have listed? Check it out:

  2. It is a very fun game, my personal recommendations for your Cool list would be Pix’n Rush, Fieldrunners, Dark Nebula, Game Dev Story and Tiny Tower. I recommend try them all out!


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