Relationship Tester: A Bit Like Guess Who?

Relationship Tester: A Bit Like Guess Who?


Relationship Tester iPhone App Review
Do you think of yourself as a bit of a good judge in character? Well, if you do, then perhaps this game is right up your street?

Relationship Tester is an app that allows you to see an initial image and a related question and should you wish to answer this question (you can pass if you wish), you then have the choice of picking the right answer from a possible three options. Say for example you are shown an image of a typical Facebook profile shot, you will also be shown a question such as “who am I engaged to?”, “who’s my ex?” or “who am I dating?” and if you decide to accept the challenge you will be presented with three more images where you must try to work out which one is the right answer. Some of these tests are quite simple e.g. if one’s on a quad bike the other is on a quad bike. However there are quite a few curve balls for you to try and figure out. For example, not everyone is straight!

As for helping you guess correctly, it’s all down to using your eyes and looking for clues (there are the odd one which can help).

This game is pretty fun and does definitely leave you guessing more than not as there’s no real way of getting 100% unless you happen to be incredibly perceptive and lucky (or happen to know everyone personally). You are awarded 10 points for every correct guess and after each guess you get your result i.e. correct or wrong – you aren’t given the correct answer.


  • A proper guessing game
  • Plenty of possible candidates
  • You can even have others test you


  • You’re not told the correct answer if you guess incorrectly
  • It would improve if you could get hints (which could reduce your score)
  • Images range in quality and unsure if they’re screened



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