Release the Cannibal: Answer The Questions, Your Life Could Depend On It!

Release the Cannibal: Answer The Questions, Your Life Could Depend On It!


Release the Cannibal iPad App Review
I’m sure when you were growing up you got to play hangman? Well if you thought that watching a poor defenceless stick figure paying the price for your stupidity seemed a little wrong, then how about a hapless jungle explorer being lowered into a hot pot and boiled alive if you fail to answer questions correctly? Sounds good doesn’t it!

You have three gaming options – quick quiz, level headed and pass around. Quick quiz offers you the choice of 25, 35 or 45 questions which you can determine from being easy, medium or hard questions to answer. Level headed allows you to play alone or with others where the object of the game is to answer increasingly tougher questions and collecting masks as a reward either to a bronze, silver or gold standard.

Pass around allows you to test yourself against another player and you can set your level and their level accordingly (so if they’re a know it all, you can pick easy for yourself and hard for them). All three games offer you three lifelines (stop the timer, pass and 50:50) but be sure to use these sparingly but don’t be afraid to use them as they can make the difference between survival and being lunch!

Ultimately, this is a really good game with plenty of questions for you to answer ranging from more current to historical events. I have to say there were quite a few questions I had to guess at but others were simple and others proved more than a little challenging! If you like pub quizzes, testing your general knowledge or wish to learn then this will tick all the right boxes. The only drawback is you aren’t given the correct answer should you guess wrong!


  • Lots of questions covering virtually every topic
  • Good interface
  • Simple controls
  • You can opt to have questions repeated or removed from the list once guessed correctly


  • Sometimes questions need to be scrolled to read properly (could lead to giving the wrong answer)
  • Easy level is still pretty tricky
  • Not given the correct answer should you make a mistake


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