Monumental: Exhausting, Virtual Sightseeing

Monumental: Exhausting, Virtual Sightseeing


Monumental iPhone App Review
I say ‘Exhausting’ mainly because I am lazy, and I must admit that the thought of having to do something physical other than manically tap a touch screen to review an app did fill me with slight dread. But being the professional that I am, I ploughed through and might have possibly enjoyed it…a little bit.

Monumental consists of holding your Apple device at hip level and walking up and down stairs (in the real world) to virtually climb famous landmarks within the app. Your reward for reaching the top of your selected landmark does not only consist of your sweaty pits and your ability to post your achievements to various networking sites and gloat to your lazy mates. Oh no, you also get a charming picture of the view you will see from the each climb and a choice of souvenir.

It’s clear the developers of this app have their heart in the right place, the aim of the project being to get you out and about looking for steps to climb, trying to get you to think about taking the stairs instead of the lift, hoping that there’ll be enough steps for you to unveil the view at the top of the Eiffel Tower. For a recluse like me, I just walked up and down the 12 steps in my house until I got distracted.


  • Rewards exercise with souvenirs and stunning photographs.
  • Includes options to set your own goals and exercise at your own pace.


  • Lack of interesting facts and information about the famous landmarks you’re visiting.
  • Holding your device flat against your hip isn’t the most natural pose when climbing stairs.

It’s always nice to see developers trying to think of new and fun ways to get people exercising, whilst this app isn’t perfect at keeping your sights set on your goal; it’s a unique idea that will appeal to those looking for some motivation.


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