My InstaAlbum: Spend Some Quality Time with Your Photos

My InstaAlbum: Spend Some Quality Time with Your Photos


My InstaAlbum iPhone App Review
It seems like the further into the 21st century we go, the more we start to take an interest in all things retro. This is certainly the case for me with photos – I really love the vintage look. Instagram, as you may know, is a popular app that allows users to easily apply filters to change the look and feel of their photos. You can then share them with friends on facebook, twitter or flickr, or via your ‘followers’. I’m a big fan of Instagram – I love that with just one click I can alter my photos – it beats spending hours trying to find my way around Photoshop.

The thing with Instagram, though, is that it is essentially a photo-sharing app, so your feed can quickly fill up with friend’s photos. This is fine if you’re nosy (like me) or looking for inspiration, but not so great when you just want to organise your own pics. That’s where My InstaAlbum comes in. You import your photos from Instagram so you are working with your own images only. You can still share your photos from My InstaAlbum via twitter, facebook or dropbox, but you can’t use this to view other people’s pics. There are different ways in which you can view your photos – choose from Album, Group or Location views. The Group view is one I especially like as it allows you to view the images grouped by the filter you applied. The Locations view is also interesting – you can see on a map where you uploaded your photos from. Quite cool if you like to take snaps when you travel.

This is really useful, especially if you are starting to feel that your Instagram photos and feeds are getting a bit out of control. If you are an avid Instagram user, I think it is worth the download fee.

Pros – You can quickly sort and find photos by using the different views and it’s nice being able to concentrate on your own photos without any distractions.

Cons – I don’t know if there is anything bad I can say about it – I suppose a negative would be that its primary function is to organise pictures, so it can’t really be described as a fun app.


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